The core activity of The ITHAL Logo ITHAL is to provide typesetting system as a service over web to its users. Users shall create necessary input files either locally in their computers and upload to their homes at The ITHAL Logo ITHAL or they can create documents at The ITHAL Logo ITHAL server in their preferred language as well. A properly marked up document in LATEX can seamlessly generate PDF, XML/MathML, HTML, enriched PDF, ePub, images of math equations and formulae in their preferred format (.svg, .gif, .png, .jpg). All outputs are created in a non-interactive and automatic fashion.

LATEX — Uncompromised Typography

LATEX provides unparalleled typographical elegance and ease of generation. It has the added advantage of high precision adherence to fine typographic conventions of mathematical constructs in technical contents.


The above workflow diagram explains how a source file marked up in LATEX can be processed to generated the needed output formats.

Generic Form Printing

The ITHAL Logo ITHAL can be made use of to generate PDF output from filled up HTML forms of various nature. This is particularly useful in the matter of filling up five hundred and odd application forms to be submitted to various government office for different purposes of citizens seeking income certificate, renewal of ration cards, etc. This can also be used to fill in variable data in agreements, sale deeds, etc with fixed body and to generate output to print.