Needy persons or organizations can avail user accounts in The ITHAL Logo ITHAL servers by sending a mail to <> with details like name, email, address, type of organization, if individual user affiliation, contact cell number (for exchanging confidential information) and services needed. A few more value added ones are given alongside which could be availed over and above the general service of typesetting system and its own support, with extra payment.

The ITHAL Logo ITHAL support team will get in touch with you with login credentials, details of free period, payment terms and mode of payment. You can try the system for free for a small period and a monthly tariff starts that needs to be paid in advance for each month.

The ITHAL Logo ITHAL accounts can be availed on a individual(s) or site basis. If you are a big publisher, you can avail a site account and provide the same to your suppliers on an indidivual basis.


The following items are needed for smooth operation:

  • Standard desktop with your preferred operating system that should have necessary input scheme for your language.
    The ITHAL Logo ITHAL supplied sleek hardware + user provided LCD monitor and Keyboard.
  • Network connectivity — cabled or wireless
  • A basic knowledge of LATEX will be useful, but not necessary
Optionally, The ITHAL Logo ITHAL provides a sleek hardware with embedded operating system, network features, fonts and other needed software installed onto it. It operates on 5W of current making it a green norms compliant workhorse and setting up of system is a breeze and the user can start working instantaneously.

Technical Support

We will provide technical support to users as soon as it is received. Online chat window is available wherein a user can communicate with our support team when need arises. If the verbal communication does not help to resolve the processing problem, one of our support team can login to your working directory, fix the problem and the user can proceed from that point onwards.

Hyperlinked PDF

Since our main typesetting engine is TEX and we use it for creating PDF, hyperlinked PDF is not a problem. Hyperlinking of internal links like items in contents to respective pages, equation references, bibliographic items, figures, tables, footnotes, etc., and external links such as URLs can be easily done automatically.


Wiki based online documentation for packages, workflows, systems and processes for users will be provided. Documentation shall be updated periodically based on user feedback. More and more tips and tricks will be added at regular intervals.


  • PDF for web reading.
  • PDF for printing.