The documents written in Indic scripts, classified as complex scripts, suffer serious problems of text processing. Many of the scripts lack functional software to process documents in UTF-8 encoding and to archive in XML format to ensure digital preservation, longevity and reuse of documents in a futuristic fashion. Even seasoned publishers and governments as well pay attention only to immediate printing of content with least regard for future usage. This has caused:

  1. very small life of documents, often ending with making prints.
  2. huge waste of resources owing to retypesetting of documents during publishing revised editions or reprints.
  3. unsuitable for searching and retreival of information.
  4. non-availability or improper storage of citizens’ data and those relating to governance, legislation, etc risking eternal loss of vital information which citizens are entitled access to.
  5. non-optimal usage of technologies already available, hence wastage of public resources.
  6. non-fulfillment of responsibilities of governments to citizens.
The ITHAL Logo ITHAL addresses the above problems with a cost effective and green solution based on open and community supported standards and formats with publicly available technologies that’re not locked up into any proprietary companies or technologies.

What We Do

We provide text processing software as a service through a web based framework that can painlessly process articles, journals and books with or without technical content in various academic disciplines including humanities, science, technology and medicine. The system can also used for processing any kind of documents relating to governanance, legislation, judiciary, etc. It depends on a time tested and classical markup based typesetting system called TEX to process textual content and generate various outputs like PDF, XML and related deliverables. TEX, which is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of technical documents forms core of the technologies employed. TEX is available as a free software.